London calling!

Have I ever told you about my habit of searching for cheap flights to culturally attractive cities once in a while? I used to do it frequently on the dullest of dull days at work — you know, those days when the time stands still no matter how persistently you’re staring at your watch. My searchings usually intensify around October, with the pre-Christmas time ahead. I love late Autumn afternoons brightened up with a little help of street lanterns, pulsating neons, and garlands of tiny string lights. With this image in mind, two weeks ago I began my investigations, only to end up with a round-trip ticket to London for… 33 EUR! I couldn’t be more excited, especially with the perspective of visiting a couple of grand temporary exhibitions. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about my plans for those three days in London, as well as to ask you for your tips and recommendations. What would you do, where would you go if you were to spend three days in London? I’m all ears!


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museum assistant in Madrid | what to see in 2 days

Museum Assistant (and her Companion) has just returned from a short trip to Madrid, and is ready to tell you a bit about what did she manage to see there in just two days! Madrid is a huge city, but once you find an accommodation in the very city center (like we did), you are able to squeeze a lot into your visiting plan, even if you have just a couple of days. We arrived in Madrid late in the afternoon on Saturday, on Tuesday morning we headed for beautiful Toledo to spend a couple of hours there, and returned to Madrid in order to catch a bus back to Barcelona. So, as you can see, we had actually just two days to enjoy all that Madrid has to offer.

Madrid, July 2016.jpg

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museum assistant in Madrid

Hello everyone! As you have probably realized, since the Little Mooseum museum savoir-vivre series was completed it has been a bit quiet on the blog, but those who may have assumed that the Museum Assistant is on vacation couldn’t have been more mistaken! Last week I took an intense, 4-day museology course organized by a Barcelona-based association called Arte Sostenible. Simultaneously, I am taking a few online courses via the platform — one focused on photography, another one on some ideas from the history of graphic design. I’d like to tell you all about it in a separate post, as I am writing this very one just to announce some exciting news. The Museum Assistant is going to Madrid with an intention to do some serious museum visiting! The key points of my visit to Madrid will be Museo Nacional del Prado, Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Reina Sofía, but I would be very happy to squeeze in a couple of other places, as well as to go to the nearby town of Toledo. So, my dear Readers, stay tuned to hear from me during my short stay in Madrid! Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Twitter!

as you can see, my journal is packed with museum tickets and hand-written fiches with some useful Spanish vocabulary


museum assistant in Warsaw: kids in a museum | part one

I like Warsaw, I really do. It’s such a lively city! Some people (especially those born and raised in Cracow) consider it ugly, but I would never, ever say that. Everytime I hear someone complaining about the aesthetics of Warsaw, its architectonic chaos and eclecticism, I remind him what did this city came through during (and after) WW2. In 1945 it was an enormous pile of ashes, miserable and heart-breaking ruins of one of the most charming metropolises of central Europe. And however the great act of reconstructing the city began shortly after the end of the war, it turned out very quickly that many elegant modernist housing estates are to be replaced with architecture of socialist realism. Moreover, at the very heart of the city a huge edifice was erected, “a gift from the Soviet People to the Polish People”: the Palace of Culture and Science. The Soviet regime was defeated in 1989, but the way it affected the architecture of many Polish cities, including Warsaw, will remain for a long time, if not forever. That’s why I am always amazed how Warsaw is still able to impress, making a good use of its own eclecticism. It became famous for a huge diversity of restaurants, cafes, bookshops, galleries, and museums. It has probably the biggest number of institutions dedicated to contemporary art among other Polish cities, only to mention Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, or the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw, with a superb bookshop called Bookoff.

entrance to the exhibition “I read here. Contemporary Polish Illustration for Children”, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, fot. Marek Krzyżanek, CC-BY-SA

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museum assistant in Vienna

I can’t think of a better way to begin the New Year than a short trip to some lovely place packed with museums — it has already become a tradition for me. Last year I spent a few remarkable days in London, one of those cities that are especially close to my heart. I’ve been there twice, and if someone told me I could go there right now, I’d be ready in, like, 30 seconds. My first visit to London was a real milestone in my cultural education. It was there that I fell in love with Mark Rothko, discovered that a collection of decorative arts can be truly fascinating (long live the V&A Museum!), and got obsessed with museum shops and all those pretty gadgets that I’d like to purchase, although I’m not quite sure if they are of any use. This year I headed for Vienna, a city that is a real treat for museum lovers.

Wiedeń, styczeń 2016

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