5 things I learned in the Charles Dickens Museum

I’m a huge Charles Dickens fan. This year only I’ve read The Pickwick Papers, Great Expectations, and A Tale of Two Cities (okay, and an easy Catalan version of A Christmas Carol, let’s count that one, too). I love the juicy and vivid language that Dickens uses in his novels. How can a man develop such a vast, diverse vocabulary? It always astonishes me. I also adore the kind of mild irony that Dickens is an unquestionable master of; seldom is he sarcastic towards his characters, I would rather say that he usually comments on their trials and tribulations with a warm, fatherly smile on his face. He is so compassionate and tender about every human being that appears in his novels, no matter if he or she is a thief, a swindler, or an escaped prisoner. Moreover, Dickens is one of those authors whose writing triggers a kind of multisensory reaction. Every time Dickens’s heroes would celebrate Christmas dinner, or feast in a roadside inn, I couldn’t help getting terribly hungry, and I would end up fetching myself a chunky slice of bread with butter generously spread all over it. That’s what I call the power of literature.


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London vibes

Do you remember when I told you that London is one of those places where I could go at any time? Ever since I visited there for the first time, almost 10 years ago, I’ve been in love with London’s architecture, parks, restaurants, cultural offer, and just the kind of vibe that can’t be compared with an atmosphere of any other city. To start the whole series of posts focused on my recent short London adventure, today I’d like to show you a couple of non-museum related photos I took last week. Gee, I can’t believe it’s already been a week since I arrived at King’s Cross — St. Pancras Station, equipped with a borrowed camera and a copy of The Book of London Place Names by Caroline Taggart, and simply threw myself among my beloved crescents, mews, roads, and parkways. Here, enjoy.


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