Halloween inspirations with Rijksstudio

One could easily think that Halloween arrived in Barcelona at least a month ago. The first spooky decorations appeared in the shop windows as soon as the beginning of October. Now that there are just a couple of days left until October 31, everywhere I go I see wickedly grinning pumpkins, thick cobwebs, and a whole arsenal of wizardry accessories. And you know what? It seems that all these artifacts do their job pretty well! I found myself in a somewhat creepy vibe, and I came up with an idea to prepare a set of Halloween inspirations for you.

Anonymous, Vleermuis (Plecotus auritus), ca. 1560-1585, Rijksmuseum via Rijksstudio

With the help of Rijksstudio, an incredible online database provided by the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, finding what I had been looking for was beyond easy! Rijksstudio enables you to create your own collections of artworks and triggers your creativity. Every image you can find in the database can be downloaded in a super-sharp resolution, and later used to create anything you want: a customized phone case, a t-shirt print, a poster. The only limit is your imagination (which means there is none). I got inspired by the beautiful 16th-century study of a bat, and created a Halloween greeting card especially for you! You can print it and send to anyone you’d like to share the Halloween vibe with. Get inspired with my spooky collection of artworks by visiting my Rijksstudio here: Halloween by Museum Assistant


Happy trick-or-treating, everyone!


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