London calling!

Have I ever told you about my habit of searching for cheap flights to culturally attractive cities once in a while? I used to do it frequently on the dullest of dull days at work — you know, those days when the time stands still no matter how persistently you’re staring at your watch. My searchings usually intensify around October, with the pre-Christmas time ahead. I love late Autumn afternoons brightened up with a little help of street lanterns, pulsating neons, and garlands of tiny string lights. With this image in mind, two weeks ago I began my investigations, only to end up with a round-trip ticket to London for… 33 EUR! I couldn’t be more excited, especially with the perspective of visiting a couple of grand temporary exhibitions. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about my plans for those three days in London, as well as to ask you for your tips and recommendations. What would you do, where would you go if you were to spend three days in London? I’m all ears!



day 1.

I am to arrive at London Stansted shortly before 8 AM, so the first thing I’m planning to do after getting to the city center will be swallowing up some decent breakfast. I’m going to need a lot of energy if I want to complete my agenda, so if you have some suggestions of nice breakfast spots near King’s Cross St. Pancras Station, let me know! On my first day in London, I’d like to visit places I’ve never been to before. I’m going to begin with the Charles Dickens Museum. As a huge Dickens’s fan, I have a good feeling about this place, and I’m pretty sure I won’t resist the temptation to dig into the museum shop. After visiting the Dickens Museum, I’ll be heading to the British Museum. I am under no illusions that I could see all of it having such a small amount of time, but I’d like to catch a glimpse of this emblematic place, one of the oldest museums in the world. The next entry on my list is a walk through the beautiful district of Fitzrovia, followed by a visit to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Then, on my way to Hyde Park, I’d like to pay a short visit to Daunt Books, a stunning bookshop I came across on Instagram earlier today. As I will be hosted by a friend of mine who lives in Oxford, I’m going to complete the first day of my trip to London catching a train from one of the railway stations located close to Hyde Park.

day 2.

The second day of my trip to London will be focused mainly on temporary exhibitions I’d like to see: Abstract Expressionism and Intrigue: James Ensor by Luc Tuymans at the Royal Academy of ArtsBeyond Caravaggio at the National Gallery, Thick Time by William Kentridge at the Whitechapel Gallery, and Picasso Portraits at the National Portrait Gallery. I would also like to stop by Victoria & Albert Museum, as well as to pop into Harrods in order to buy my favourite herbal infusions (and, maybe, search for some tiny Christmas gifts for my family and friends).

day 3.

I’d like to end my trip to the UK spending an easy Saturday morning in Oxford. I’ve been there once, over eight years ago; I instantly fell in love with the tranquillity of this place, and with its stunning architecture. I’d love to feel that vibe again — watch people riding old school bikes, enjoy a glass of porter in a charming pub, and stroll leisurely around the city. In the afternoon I have to be back in London in order to catch a bus to the airport. I’m pretty sure that during my short trip I’ll take millions of photos, and I will spend all my way back to Barcelona browsing them and editing one after another. You know, that’s what a person usually does when she wants to make her journey at least a tiny little bit longer. I pretty much always do.




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