Halloween inspirations with Rijksstudio

One could easily think that Halloween arrived in Barcelona at least a month ago. The first spooky decorations appeared in the shop windows as soon as the beginning of October. Now that there are just a couple of days left until October 31, everywhere I go I see wickedly grinning pumpkins, thick cobwebs, and a whole arsenal of wizardry accessories. And you know what? It seems that all these artifacts do their job pretty well! I found myself in a somewhat creepy vibe, and I came up with an idea to prepare a set of Halloween inspirations for you.

Anonymous, Vleermuis (Plecotus auritus), ca. 1560-1585, Rijksmuseum via Rijksstudio

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London calling!

Have I ever told you about my habit of searching for cheap flights to culturally attractive cities once in a while? I used to do it frequently on the dullest of dull days at work — you know, those days when the time stands still no matter how persistently you’re staring at your watch. My searchings usually intensify around October, with the pre-Christmas time ahead. I love late Autumn afternoons brightened up with a little help of street lanterns, pulsating neons, and garlands of tiny string lights. With this image in mind, two weeks ago I began my investigations, only to end up with a round-trip ticket to London for… 33 EUR! I couldn’t be more excited, especially with the perspective of visiting a couple of grand temporary exhibitions. Today I’d like to tell you a bit about my plans for those three days in London, as well as to ask you for your tips and recommendations. What would you do, where would you go if you were to spend three days in London? I’m all ears!


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Andrzej Wajda | in memoriam

I was deeply, deeply saddened by the loss of Andrzej Wajda, one of the greatest film directors in the history of Polish cinematography. He passed away on Sunday afternoon, a few weeks after the premiere of his latest film Afterimage, telling the story of Władysław Strzemiński, famous Polish avant-garde painter and theoretician,  founder of the Museum of Art in Łódź. As people all around the world pay tribute to the memory of Andrzej Wajda, I’d like to add a few words myself. I hope that he will be remembered not only as a groundbreaking film director, but also as a founder of one of the most important cultural institutions in Poland: the Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow.

Andrzej Wajda at the opening of the exhibition of his sketchbooks,  Manggha Museum of Japanese Art and Technology in Krakow, March 2016, photo credits: Kamil A. Krajewski, source: click

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7 top museum YouTube channels

It seems that fall has already arrived in Barcelona. Yesterday morning I woke up to the sounds of one of the most furious storms I’ve ever seen! The windows of our flat were rattling with every thunder, and it was pitch-dark until well after 9 o’clock. Days like these make me wanna bury myself under a blanket, equipped with some sweet treats, a couple of books, and my iPad. Therefore, I ended up doing a very comprehensive research of museum YouTube channels, so that you will know, my dear Readers, what to do on gloomy days like yesterday!

This is autumn.

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5 things that make a good exhibition

Have you ever wondered what are the key components of an exhibition? And how can we tell if a particular exhibition is actually a good one? My idea of what an exhibition consists of changed substantially when I began working as a Museum Assistant myself.  Up to then I would probably notice that a picture is crooked, the light reflects badly in a varnished surface of a painting, but not really more than that. Today I’d like to present you with my personal list of 5 things that make a good exhibition. Let’s begin, shall we?

The Women of Klimt, Schiele and Kokoschka, 2015-2016, Belvedere Museum Vienna; foto © Belvedere Museum Vienna via http://belvedere.at/

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