little mooseum: museum savoir-vivre | pt. 6

Hey, everyone! We’re almost at the end of our one-week project called a tiny museum savoir-vivre! I feel like we’ve learned a lot together. We already know how important it is to not interrupt other visitors, we know that we shouldn’t eat inside the exhibition room (even if we are really, really hungry), neither should we answer phone calls there. If we want to take a photo we have to make sure that the flash is switched off, and if we need to step back a little in order to see a huge object properly, we should be careful not to bump into somebody / something that may be located behind us. To some of you today’s tip may seem a bit funny, but I must tell you that sometimes I really have to repeat it in my mind…


tip no. 6

Many museums have their own mobile apps that guide visitors through the collection. You either download it yourself on your device, or you are given one at the entrance to the exhibition. I love mobile apps, especially if they include a lot of complimentary informations and illustrations, but they can also make you forget about the actual exhibition, so… use them wisely! 😉



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