little mooseum: museum savoir-vivre | pt. 5

My beloved Readers! When you’ll see the next tip from our tiny museum savoir-vivre, I guess that many of you may think: “Nah! Tale as old as time, everybody knows that!”. Good for you, guys! But believe me: every time I visit a museum, I can see that it still is a huge problem. I’m talking about taking photos with flash.


Camera flash can cause a serious harm to many exhibits, especially some particularly light-sensitive artworks such as watercolour paintings, or decorative textiles. I think that all of us should raise awarness about the harmful properties of a camera flash. Therefore, if you see someone who seems to be unaware of this problem, it is perfectly fine to approach him or her and explain the issue politely. Maybe he or she has a new camera and needs some help to figure out how the flash can be turned off? It would be very nice of you to lend a hand then!

tip no. 4

If you want to take a picture in a museum, make sure that the flash is switched off. Camera flash may cause the colours to fade if an artwork is particularly light-sensitive!



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