little mooseum: museum savoir-vivre | pt. 4

Hi there, welcome to the Little Mooseum on this beautiful Sunday afternoon! What have you been up to today? Did you go for a bike ride out of town? Did you watch a movie? Or maybe… you decided to visit a museum? I must confess that my Sunday has been pretty tranquil and easy so far. I went to a flea market to check out some second-hand books and CDs, then I had a quick lunch followed by a large piece of sponge cake with raspberries and ice cream. Finally, after a short nap, I decided that it’s probably a good moment to show you the next part of our tiny museum savoir-vivre, which we have been working on together for four days already! We’re doing great, don’t you think? Here you can take a look at the previous tips: the first, the second, and the third one. Enjoy! And have an amoosing…erm… amusing Sunday evening!

Toby the Moose


tip no. 4

If you carry your mobile phone with you while visiting a museum, make sure that the silent mode is on. And if you receive a call, please never, ever answer it inside the exhibition room! It is really, really disturbing!



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