little mooseum: museum savoir-vivre | pt. 1

Hello, everyone! How are you? Are you enjoying your summer vacation already? I bet you are! If you were following this blog (or our Facebook page), you probably noticed that since our visit to the exhibition of Toy Boats I have been working on something special. It’s high time I told you what it is! You know, I think it’s really important that one feels comfortable in a museum. I believe that it’s good to have a couple of things in mind while visiting museums, especially during the holiday season, when most of them are incredibly crowded. Therefore, I decided to make a special series of tips for those who are planning a visit to a museum. For a week (starting today), I will be posting one tip per day, and hopefully by next Thursday we will already have something we may call our tiny museum savoir-vivre, okay? Let’s start right away!

Toby the Moose



tip no. 1

If you spot something interesting at an exhibition, and you want to take a closer look at it, make sure that you won’t interrupt anyone that is already there. Try not to block the access to an exhibit by standing too close to it, especially if you are much taller than other visitors. Otherwise, it will look more or less like this:



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