little mooseum: Toby visits an exhibition of Toy Boats

Hello, everyone! I’m Toby the Moose, and I really like visiting moose… ehm, museums! I travel a lot, usually choosing plane, but I also enjoy travelling by sea (just in case you didn’t know: moose feel particularly well in the aquatic environment, which means that they enjoy splishing and splashing in rivers and lakes). I love boats, ships, transatlantic liners, kayaks, even ferries! Although you could get from one place to another much faster if you travelled by plane, a sea journey is always a great adventure! You can count seagulls, observe chubby seals sunbathing on rocky shores, and inhale the wonderful smell of salty water, fish and algae! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Now that you know about my soft spot for boats, ships and sea, I’d like to show you something special. Ready? Come on, it will be fun, I promise! We’re heading for… Barcelona!



Barcelona is a beautiful city, I’ve been there many, many times. I like it because it’s a seaside city with dozens of fascinating museums! One of my favourite places in Barcelona is the Maritime Museum (Museu Marítim), and this is precisely where we are going right now. I’ve heard that a very interesting exhibition opened there recently, and I’d like to see it together with you!


Here we are! The exhibition is called “Toy Boats 1870-1939”. I wonder what did the toys look like in nineteenth century? And are they well preserved? Let’s see!

Wow! How HUGE is THAT table! And the clock! The exhibition looks like an enormous playroom! What a great idea, huh?


I like old photos, but why are these placed so high? With my 4,7 feet I can hardly see them. Let’s ask someone to lift us up a bit, shall we? I bet that your Mom or Dad could do it, if only they were with us!


I love those wooden animals! I wonder if they would fit into the ark? Can you help me count them?

vaixelles_close look

Oh boy! It must have taken ages to put this ship together inside of a BOTTLE!


I should definitely take some photos of the exhibition. Oh no! I forgot to switch off the flash! Remember that if you want to take a photo in a museum (especially in an art museum), the flash must be turned off. Did you know that the flash can actually damage some light-sensitive objects like paintings, tapestry, or drawings? It may evencause colors to fade!

How did you enjoy our visit to the Maritime Museum? What did you like best? Personally, I wish I could play a little with those toy ships that were powered by steam. And with a clockwork seal. And with those tiny wooden animals. And… well, at least I have some photos that will remind me of our adventure! Here, take a look:

Toby's pics

Do you have some similar toys at home? If not, would you like to?  Leave a comment!


You know what? I’ve been thinking, maybe if you happen to spend the summer holiday in Barcelona, you could visit this exhibition one more time with your family or friends? I’m sure they will love it as much as we did! The exhibition is on display until 9 January 2017, so you have lots of time! Don’t forget to take some photos, and show them to your grandpa and grandma. Maybe they remember some similar toys from their childhood? Maybe… maybe they even still have some hidden in the attic? I’d definitely look into it if I were you! Well, thank you so much, it’s been a real pleasure to visit a museum together! I hope to see you around very soon! And don’t forget to visit me here, on the blog!

Toby the Moose

Museu Marítim de Barcelona, Av. de les Drassanes s/n, 08001 Barcelona

To visit the official website of Museu Marítim, click here (it’s available in castellano and catalan). The museum is open daily from 10:00-20:00. Entrance fee: 7 EUR — general admission; 3,5 EUR — reduced admission. Every Sunday from 15:00 the entrance to the museum is free. With a valid ticket, you can also visit a historic schooner called Pailebote Santa Eulàlia, which is berthed at the marina just a stone’s throw from the museum.


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