what I didn’t see in Krakow | Night of the Museums ’16 in Barcelona

Hello everyone! Museum Assistant is finally back from her cultural rehab (which lasted way too long, won’t you agree?). I spent two exceptionally busy weeks in Poland, with no slightest chance of finding a moment or two to try the current offer of museums and galleries in Krakow. It’s a shame, as for some time already May has been one of the most diverse and lively months of the cultural calendar in Krakow. There is a bunch of huge cultural festivals taking place in May, only to mention Krakow Photomonth Festival, Krakow Photo Fringe, Copernicus Festival, or Netia Off Camera International Festival of Independent Cinema. You really should pity me, guys, for I missed out on an awful lot of (presumably attractive) cultural events. Here are some of the exhibitions I DIDN’T SEE and events I DIDN’T PARTICIPATE IN while I was in Krakow:

Museum Assistant

| the recently opened Józef Czapski Pavilion, an interdisciplinary exhibiting and educational space devoted to one of the most prominent Polish collectors, artists, and theoreticians of 20th century

| the official Night of the Museums’16 in Krakow

| any of the numerous exhibitions taking part in the Krakow Photomonth Festival 2016

| a temporary exhibition Tempus Fugit. On Time and Transience organised by the International Cultural Centre in Krakow

MOCAK Museum of Contemporary Art in Krakow: a new temporary exhibition Medicine in Art which forms a part of the cycle [something] in Art that began in 2011

Okay, but that’s enough whining. Luckily, I managed to arrive back in Barcelona just in time to see how La Nit dels Museus (cat. Night of the Museums) is celebrated there. I have been anticipating this event with great excitement, because I already discovered how serious the local cultural institutions are about their preparations to the Night of the Museums. The information campaign began well in advance. I love the visual identity of this year’s edition of the event, for it is both minimalist, and suggestive. The web dedicated to the Night of the Museums is very clear, easy to browse, and contains every information needed — including the list of other days, when museums in Barcelona can be visited for free! There is, however, a one significant trouble: there’s no English version of the page.

La nit dels museus 2016
minimalist, yet suggestive visual identity of this year’s edition of La Nit dels Museus

My route on Saturday evening was pretty short. I didn’t want to stay up late at night, because the next day I had to wake up early in the morning to volunteer during the Sustainable Sunday event at CosmoCAIXA. Plus, I already know pretty well the majority of museums in Barcelona, so I just wanted to experience the atmosphere of this very special day. I must admit that I was amazed by the number of people wandering from one museum to another! There were huge groups of people awaiting the opportunity to enter many of the museums, so I didn’t make it to every place I had planned to see. My general impression is that the educational role of this event cannot be overestimated. The Night of the Museums is a symbol of accessibility of cultural institutions, and I suppose that for many people it is an unique occasion to realise how fascinating a visit to a museum can be. I am particularly happy with how many kids, even those really small ones, participate in events of this kind. It is a clear signal that when it comes to cultural education, both family and school duly fulfill their obligations.

I’d like to leave you now with a couple of pics I took last Saturday. If you also participated in the Night of the Museums in your hometown — or while travelling — please leave a comment! I’d be more than happy to discover how this fantastic festival of museums is celebrated all around the world!



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