Museum Week 2016 on Twitter

Last week I was spending most of my time online on Twitter, in order to catch up with one of the biggest international social media events dedicated to museums and culture — the #MuseumWeek2016. 7 days, 7 different themes, 7 hashtags, and thousands of participants from all around the world — museums, foundations, cultural centres, curators & museum professionals. The idea of encouraging museums to spend a whole week sharing their secrets and connecting with their followers was born two years ago in France. At first, the participants of #MuseumWeek were European institutions only, but as the event turned out to be a great success, the next edition became global.


I must confess that for some time now Twitter has been much closer to my heart than other social media channels — especially Facebook — because it’s not overloaded with random, or highly personal content. Moreover, if one wants to communicate something with as little as 140 characters, it really must be interesting, witty, and explicit. I believe that events like the #MuseumWeek can be a huge source of inspiration and knowledge, so I highly recommend that you become familiar with this year’s feed. Just as a sneak peak, I prepared my personal selection of this year’s tweets on each of the 7 themes. Enjoy! And don’t forget to follow @MuseumAssisting and @MuseumWeek on Twitter!

|Day 1. #SecretsMW

|Day 2. #PeopleMW

|Day 3. #ArchitectureMW

|Day 4. #HeritageMW

|Day 5. #FutureMW

|Day 6. #ZoomMW

|Day 7. #LoveMW


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