what’s in my bag | museum edition

If I were to name a few things that could spoil a visit to a museum, I’d definitely begin with… luggage. Imagine a riddiculously heavy bag with lots of important stuff that you prefer not to leave in the cloakroom, or a backpack so big that it won’t fit into a locker. It’s just as annoying as the moment when you realise that you’d like to take some notes, but your phone is dead, and you forgot to take a notebook. Today’s post have been preceded by long years of observations and experience. Believe me, for if there is a list of wrong decisions that one can make while packing his bag before setting off to a museum, I’ve probably made all of them.

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museum assistant: then & now

My way of thinking about museums has changed significantly since when I visited one for the first time. I was born in 1990, a year after political transformation in Poland, which made my country independent from the U.S.S.R., and began the long process of integration with other European countries. Late 90’s was a great time for Polish museums — the borders were finally open, and more and more exhibitions could be organised in a partnership with some of the most important European institutions. Polish curators, designers, and museologists could travel unhinderedly to search for good models and inspiration. I didn’t experience the time of Soviet oppression, but my family did. I watched their attitude carefully, and learned from them how to appreciate the possibilities that I had: the access to culture, the opportunity to travel, the possibility to study whatever and wherever I wanted.

2015-01-17 12.47.52
crowds inside the Natural History Museum in London

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